What is a weather station?

News 07:09 September 2019:

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A  weather station is a set post, facility, location that has special equipment that are used to observe, record and analyze weather conditions and climate of an area. With the specialized equipment, the weather is accurately recorded.

When setting up a weather station, several factors are to be put in mind because they affect how the types of equipment in the station will work and provide accurate information in their functions. These factors include; the surface type, the soil moisture of the area, the regional topography and any obstructions in the place like building, trees, and slopes among others. In most cases, ten-meter towers are used to raise the height of putting the station above the obstructions.

There are types of weather station and weather manual and digital, there are factors that one should consider before settling for any station and its requirements. The equipment’s accuracy and the particular accuracy of each sensor should be looked at keenly. There are additional sensors in this equipment and stations, for instance, lighting detection, the wetness of leaves will give more detailed readings when it comes to weather predictions. The capability of reading and recording of the data required. Installation time and period of the station and its pieces of equipment. The overall location of the weather station should not be ignored.

A typical weather station should include the thermometer which is used to measure and record the temperatures of the area, a rain gauge that will mark the rain water collected and indicate the rainfall rate. There is anemometer that will show the wind direction and speed. The barometer is used to record the atmospheric pressure and the hygrometer that will measure and record the humidity in the air.

There are many advantages that come with having a weather station be it in a home, office of an area. They include:

  • Accurate information on the weather expectations of a place if predicted, this will help in planning for agriculture activities like farming. Home improvement activities like gardening can also be planned accurately, painting can be scheduled when the weather is favorable.
  • The possibility of going back in time to refer to the initial climate finding of an area, with the accurate records achieved in these stations, one can go back and see for a given period and use the information accordingly.
  • With a weather station, you get the accurate reading of a particular area unlike depending on the general weather forecast that generalizes a vast area that can be misleading.
  • Additional features on these pieces of equipment will provide one with information on incoming storms for instance. This will help one prepare accordingly and put safety measure in place for his family and livestock if any.
  • With the prediction of the upcoming weather, one will prepare to ensure that personal care has been effected, if there is next cold weather and cool environment one will purchase warm clothing in advance.

Having mentioned the above advantages of owning a weather station, we cannot, however, rule out the possible disadvantages associated with one. They include:

  • The special pieces of equipment in the station will need a keen and close observation so that its reading is accurate. Such tasks will require a trained eye and a human contact more so if they are not digital. There will be need to allocate different time to record all these readings.
  • If these types of equipment are digital, there is the cost issue. They do not come cheap. There will be a need to invest properly in right equipment for useful readings. On the other hand, setting up of a weather station is costly.
  • The maintenance team of these equipment needs to be aware of how they operate, and their different requirements when it comes to function .the replacement of spare parts when they malfunction properly is an area that might cause issues when it comes.

In conclusion, setting up a weather station and having it operation properly needs some work and time put in it. Proper research has to be done concerning the place in mind, the types of equipment to be used in its functions have to be of the best quality and monitoring of their duties have to be done appropriately and timely so that the right records are captured, and proper predictions are made. all in all a weather station is vital facility to be set for its advantages are immense and outweighs the disadvantages.