Why Most People Dislike an Automatic Favorite Strategy

News 07:09 September 2019:

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Thinking of using an automatic favorite strategy to boost your popularity on social media? Learn the facts about it before committing yourself. To start with, few people will encourage you to use auto likes. Since the likes mostly come from bots, real twitter users consider it cheating. Some people will even unfollow you as soon as they realize that most of your likes come from bots. To some, however, auto likes are a technique like any other used to get you popular on social media. Read below to learn if this is the right strategy for you.

It is a Short-term Strategy

You probably already know this. Nothing permanent comes from auto favorites. You subscribe to a monthly service for example, and get auto favorites for only that period.After that you get back to attracting the few likes you used to. So, why do people use the service if it is a short term fix? Although temporary, auto likes give you a jumpstart with your social media accounts. By having a hundred auto favorites on your tweets, you have aneasier job convincing people to follow you. More tweets also attract more people towards our tweets; which is an easier way to attract real followers.

It is unnatural

Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of using computer-generated automatic favorites to lure more followers. It is an unnatural method and nothing about auto likes look real. The only benefit you get is that at the end of it all you have more followers as a result of the favorites you bought. Other than that, you could lose all your real followers as soon as they find out that most of the favorites you get come from bots.

Leads to Little or No Engagement

Although some people will tell you otherwise, the reaction and engagement you get through your tweets come because people liked what you offered. Using auto likes only creates the illusion of your popularity. But the real engagement comes from real people who like what you offer. Knowing that, most people prefer to attract engagement using conventional methods. Using hash tags for example can certainly increase your exposure, which in turn improves engagement.

Only Meant to appeal your Ego

For most people, buying auto likes is only meant to make them feel popular. It is a strategy meant to appeal to the ego. And true, almost every twitter user enjoys having many followers. Few would hate to have more followers than they already have. The only problem with attracting fame using auto favorites is that it is not a long-term method. You can only be famous for as long as you buy the services. After that, reality hits you again. You get back to attracting fewer automatic favorites, unless you work hard to attract genuine followers.

If you are fine with using automatic likes despite their drawbacks, use them for only a short while. Work hard to attract genuine followers, so that at the end of it all you get the legitimate popularity you have always wanted.