Why you need to know where your likes come from

News 07:09 September 2019:

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Do you know, it’s good to have a large number of Instagram likes but one thing is for sure, do you know how to differentiate between real and fake ones?  Do you know having fake likes can have your account suspended for good?  This is something you would not want to do even if given a chance.   A lot of people on the social media platform have not fully come to understand the real impact such negative publicity of fake or false likes can have on their account.

If you are looking for Instagram likes, it’s important to do so genuinely even if you have to buy.  If you’re buying please do so from sources that you know will not let you down at all or that will sell you un-functional or fake likes.  If that is the case which in any event is deemed to happen, balance needs to be put between the two to avoid raising unnecessary eyebrows.   Moderation is the keyword here, do not overdo it.  Anything that ends up overdone always has not very pleasant recuperation.